Roof Trusses

Using the latest Multinail design software, we can ensure quality and compliant custom designed trusses for commercial or residential projects for the builder, or home handyman.

We can design and construct a broad spectrum of fast, easy to install, pre-fabricated roof trusses from simple backyard sheds to complex shapes, Bulkheads, Raked Ceilings, Attics, Scissor Trusses and everything in between.

Whether it’s a new roof or an extension, all trusses are designed to your needs.

Structural grade Radiata Pine or Hardwood are used to form quality built trusses.

Theses can vary from Plain or H2 Termite Treated materials which are available specific to layout and area in which your projects located. You can further customise your project by specifying timber grades, sizes, spacing, overhangs, pitch angles and even webs to whatever you require.

All our trusses come with Council Certification.
Our trusses are engineered to meet and exceed Australian Standards creating safe, structurally sound roof trusses.

Whether you’re a home handyman or builder, having H2 Treated products in your home gives you peace of mind knowing you have dependable protection from the elements and white ants (termites) that will extend the life of your structure.

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